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Urban Street Zone's volunteers and 1,700 members encourage the board and the day-to-day management to organize street sports in Denmark and Scandinavia. We must never stand still, as skating is a constantly changing sport, and both we and our facilities must reflect that.

We will work to spread our concept and community to centers in several parts of Scandinavia, just as we will spread our knowledge to other parts of Denmark, where there is a desire to work organized with street sports.

In our own house in Brande, we want to be the house that ensures that children, young people and adults don't just have a sport. But it must be a community you are part of, in which you can grow and develop your skills as a person. Because in addition to a great sport, USZ is a community that you can grow and develop in, regardless of age and gender.

Urban Street Zone is a house for the expression of physical creativity and community across.

Our house is an environment for creative thoughts and togetherness in the form of teaching, workshops, events, volunteering. Our way of being gives room for openness, where good experiences, art, physical creativity unite and create new communities and joy across age, gender and social conditions, and not just based in sport. Because we are a place where everyone can feel valuable, feel safe and feel part of the community. It is in the community that we can build big and that is one of our characteristics.

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